Thursday, April 15, 2010

What I Eat for Breakfast

Maybe you've wondered why there is rarely a post in the breakfast section.

Some typical humans are what we refer to as a "morning person". They wake up before the sun rises, often leaping out of bed with enthusiasm, in they sing in the shower because they are soooooo happy that they are done sleeping that can't keep the joy inside. They like going for early morning runs and like eating healthy plain oatmeal.

The only resemblance between me and these so called "morning people" is that we are trying to eat a more health conscious diet. (in case you missed the boat: you don't want to see me when I wake up in the morning. It's like morning of the living zombie). Anyway...back to the eating healthy part. So my morning head grogginess keeps me from wanting to do anything but sleep. Yet I rip myself out of bed and force myself to fix a bowl of what I have deemed to be a worthy breakfast cereal: Shredded Wheat. Isn't that stuff for "morning people"? you might say. False! The plain hay bale-like shredded wheat eaten plain are for morning people... and your Grandma. However, there are two varities that I adore. Wheat N' Bran and Honey Nut. The Wheat N' Bran has subtle nutty flavor due to the added bran (always good), I like slicing a banana into my cereal instead of using sweeteners. And with a 1 1/4 cup serving it totally hits the spot. Yesterday I came across an amazing product... is the baby bear of my beloved Wheat N' Bran: Honey Nut. This creation is not too sweet, not too blah, just right. Both cereals are low in fat, and high in fiber (yay!) which means you don't have to skimp on the milk.

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